“If Bruce’s culinary skills were all he possessed he would be a very talented Chef. Very quickly we realised that wasn’t his only skill. His ability to pass on knowledge and train within the kitchen and subsequently influence how the whole restaurant operated was remarkable. He has a great deal of understanding about the whole process of running a restaurant and making it work as a business. He sees the full picture and has understanding of all areas including front of house. His organisational skills are formidable. He is also obsessive about things being just right”– John Harris, director, the Good Eating Company

John Harris, director, the Good Eating Company.

“Bruce proved himself a very safe pair of hands in helping us in the re-opening of The Henry Root and his ability to adapt to the specific nature of the site and the demands of the location and customer base”

James McLean, CEO, Affinity Bars & Restaurants

“A very accomplished chef with a tremendous back catalogue, but what I like most working with Bruce is his considerate manner, the ability to listen and apply every opinion into a plate of food is an underestimated skill” – Nigel Sutcliffe, director, Truffle Hunting

Nigel Sutcliffe, director, Truffle Hunting